Wednesday 5 February 2014

Training Courses and college kits

Shirley Price Professional Aromatherapy Diploma Course 5 module TADP Diploma
Module One - Aromatherapy  Diploma with Jan Benham  FFHT MIFPA 5 days TADP1 Diploma
Module Two - Aromatherapy  Diploma 5 days TADP2 Diploma
Module Three - Aromatherapy  Diploma 5 days TADP3 Diploma
Module Four - Aromatherapy  Diploma 5 days TADP4 Diploma
Module Five - Aromatherapy  Diploma with Sue Jenkins  BSc MIFPA 5 days TADP5 Diploma
Distance Learning diploma and examination with Sara Gelzer MIFPA  4 module TADDL Diploma
Holistic Massage & A&P Level 3 Via Itec (holder exempt Module one) TMAP Diploma
A&P Level 3 Via Essential Training Solutions TAP Diploma
First Aid 1 day TFA Diploma
One to One upgrade with Sue Jenkins BSc MIFPA TIFPA Diploma
Keynote seminar Imperial College, London 2014 TKEY Keynote Seminar
Aroma Cosmotology 2 days WAC Workshop
Aromatherapy Seminar / Introduction 1 day WAS Workshop
Chair Massage 1 day WCM Workshop
Cosmetic Making Diploma 6 days WCD Cosmetic diploma
Hot Stone Massage 2 days WHS Workshop
Natural Mineral Make-up 2 days WNMM Workshop
Petcare with essential oils 1 day WP Workshop
Pregnancy Massage 1 day WPM Workshop
Qi Drop Therapy 1 day WQI Workshop
Reflexology and Aromatherapy for the Elderly 1 day WRA Workshop
Shampoo and Bath Bomb Making 1 day WSB Workshop
The Art of Perfume Making 1 day WPER Workshop
The Art of Soap Making 1 day WSM Workshop
The Creamy Craft of Cosmetic Making 1 day WCC Workshop
Module One - Essential oils K1 Diploma kit
Module One  - Care For K2 Diploma kit
Module One - Cosmetology K3 Diploma kit
Module Two - Essential oils K4 Diploma kit
Module Three - Essential oils and case K5 Diploma kit
Module Four - Essential oils K6 Diploma kit
Accessories K7 Diploma kit
ITEC Starter Kit - 27 Essential Oils and Case K27 ITEC kit
ITEC Student Kit - 36 Essential Oils and Case K36 ITEC kit
ITEC Full Aromatherapy Canvas Kit - 40 E.O. and 2 C.O. K40 ITEC kit
ITEC Full Kit - 40 Essential Oils and Case K42 ITEC kit
Tutors kit, Arometherapy Box K60 ITEC kit
Home Spa kit - Top 10 Essential Oils K10 5-10 Oil Gift Kit
Blending Kit - 10 Care For mixes K11 5-10 Oil Gift Kit
5 Citrus oils kit K12 5-10 Oil Gift Kit
5 Essential oils for sleep K13 5-10 Oil Gift Kit
Essential Oil 48 Kit K8 Essential Oil 48 kit
5 Precious oils kit K14 5-10 Oil Gift Kit
Oil kits in plastic container with measuring cup K15 5-10 Oil Gift Kit
Beginners kit 9 kits + cup K9 5-10 Oil Gift Kit

Wednesday 15 January 2014

The Shirley Price 35 Study Oil Kit on Amazon

The Shirley Price 35 oil study kit is great value.

here is a link to our kits 

Students and therapists kindly ring for the site password or email  

Rosie Brandrick the College Secretary advises the kits on 01455615466 and she can customise a kit for you.  

Or you can pick oils on this link

Here is a link to the Sp Amazon kit if you'd like to order through Amazon

Tuesday 7 January 2014

Kit cap labels

The Cap labels are great for college kits 
and a rough reminder of you know what!

Wednesday 4 December 2013

2014 Distance learning Aromatherapy Class Downloads

Welcome to the 2014 Shirley Price Aromatherapy Diploma by Distance Learning
Notes and handout downloads available to registered students
Study charts and poster Excel workbook 

Module Notes

Admin notes

Thankyou for joining us on the Shirley Price Aromatherapy Distance Learning Program 2014

Some bits of admin
To access your study materials online go to
then login with the student email 
and password we sent you

In the folders there you will find the 4 module student lecture notes
Workbook charts spreadsheet
Student client record card
 Biblography with Amazon links

Lecture notes Hard copy and study materials will be with you. 

We recommend you get the Shirley Price Aromatherapy workbook for the Kindle for your studies. Kindle is accessible on computors.
We also recommend you download the blending chemistry software here

The College Secretary will advise of the Google hangouts address and how this operates for discussions and demonstrations when we get to it.

Dont hesitate to contact us if you would like any information or assistance